Our team knows that the hardest part about selling your car for the best price is coming up with the advertisement. Tapi, jangan risau.

Here are a couple of guidelines to help you get started:

1. Take A LOT of pictures.

The first step is to whip out your phone and snap as many pictures as possible. From there, choose the best ones that show your car from all angles. You want to showcase as much as your car in pictures as possible. This helps generate interest from buyers and gives you a better chance of getting queries!


2. Be detailed and be honest.

Next, write down everything unique about your car that differs from other similar ones in the market. Also, let the buyer know if there are any defects or if there are things that need to be repaired. Honestly helps and builds trust. This will give the buyer a good feeling when he comes down to view the car, if he already knows about the defects to expect.


3. Talk about the price, and know what you want!

It’s important for you to price your car competitively, according to the current car market and what other sellers are pricing it at. You can price higher if your car has more extras compared to others – such as a lower mileage, or a later model. Most importantly, know how much you’re willing to sell it, and also state if the price is fixed, negotiable or the to best offer.


What are you waiting for?

Post your ad today! Our ad team will always be here to help you refine your ad, so trust that it will be awesome!