So, you have finally saved up enough and have decided on your budget for purchasing your own used car?

It’s time for you to go car shopping!












The first thing you need to know is:

1. You. Have. Time.

Always give yourself time to look for a used car. There are always cars for sale, and being patient always gives you a better chance of finding something that suits you – your budget and your wallet.


2. Know what you want.

Decide on what type of car do you want – A sedan? A hatchback? A coupe? After you have decided, perform a search via “body type” and look at what’s available in the market. Make a shortlist of the cars that catch your eye.

And then,

3. View Often, View Many. 

Use your shortlist! View as many cars as possible on your list and test drive them. It will give you greater clarity of what you like and what you don’t like. Make notes about your preferences.


4. Price? Always negotiable.

As with most things in life, the price of second hand cars are negotiable. Know the market price and understand which areas of the car you’re intending to buy require fixing – this is an additional cost to you. A greater understanding of the current car market and the associated repair costs can help you strike a better and fairer deal. Give your offer strongly and respectfully. If all else fails..

Walk away.

Remember the first point – time is on your side. Easy come, Easy go. You should only settle for a car that is a good value buy.

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